Cinenaccion Producciones


A representative group of aliens belonging to the Symbiotic Pigs species is obliged to travel to Earth after the destruction of their birth planet: Piggy. Following an ancient legend, they arrive to the town where John Trabuco lives. He, according to a “known” legend, is the reincarnation of their old messiah.

The local Mayoress witnesses, disconcertingly, the arrival of these beings, of which she´s been informed by her enamoured assistant, better known as The Delusional. But this love is not reciprocated since she´s only got eyes for the biggest star the world of the street party orchestra has ever produced: Georgio Dunn (with whom she shared more than words a long time ago...).

As well as the arrival of the symbiotic pigs, Empress Quasi-Tattoo reappears from the shadows, hidden up to this point in the Underworld. There, she kept herself free from the clutches of Justice, which accused her of trying to conquer the Earth on two occasion..

Thus the villagers prepare to fight the invasion as the pigs arrive with their plans to conque Earth and perpetate their species.

In this context an original fantastic action musical comedy develops, which relates the course of two such “peculiar” species, letting us know that deep inside humans and pigs -symbiotic ones, naturally- aren’t so different.