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Broadly, “The Attack of the Symbiotic Pigs” constitutes by itself a unique genre film. In general, it could be defined as a “fantastic action musical comedy”.

The originality of its ironic and implausible plot, the surprising dialogues born among its unhinged characters as well as their absurd actions make of this film something totally different, never ever seen. Although it might seem that surrealism is alive in the unusual plot, nothing is left at random because it contains a deep and realistic final reflexion.

This unusual choral feature film is presented as a musical where the audience also acts: the projection should be made at places (determined theatres) where people are able to sing along at the various musical scenes and even get on the stage to be able to follow the performances in the film. An example of this would be what happens in The Rocky Horror Show Picture Show.

Another viable option to carry out in first promotional projections or even later on, is to have professional actors and actresses performing live -but singing in playback- as the scenes take place in the film, allowing the audience to sing along and even dance along. To do so it would be basic a promotion on social networks as well as the usual channels of the theatre were the movie is to be projected, so that the audience has a chance to learn the songs beforehand.

To help this, the lyrics of the songs appear in the screen karaoke style, along the same lines as the recent trend which is proving successful in cinema: the “sing-along”, where the audience sings the songs of the film. This is something currently being done with older movies, which makes ours one of the first ones thought for this format from its birth.

“The Attack of the Symbiotic Pigs” starts with a fact which we all have had in mind some time: the arrival on Earth of outer space beings. The marked personality and characterization of each one of its characters as well as the aesthetic, especially created for each scene, introduce us in a Comic and Tale like World plenty of absolutely shocking moments.

As a conclusion, this project stands out for its singularity, creating a peculiar image and developing a plot whose characters move in a surreal world. And it is not deprived of a message. If we are able to read between lines and remove the story aesthetic, we will see how – besides laughing- it will give us a lot to think of.